Once Upon A Dream Tea Parties
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Our Princess Host's Responsibilities:

Our princess characters interact with the birthday child and guest so that everyone has a great and memorable party experience. However, Princess characters are not responsible for controlling the behavior of ill mannered children.  Therefore, in order to ensure that your birthday child and guests have a wonderful time, we ask that a Parent(s) be left in charge of handling those not willing to participate in the event.
Customer Obligations:

1. Provide a safe and clean area for all activities. Folding tables are 6' long; therefore, we ask that you find accomidations prior to the event for at least two of these tables and up to 12 children with enough room for the Princess to move about.
2. A Parent(s) remain with/near the party at all times.
3. Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests who wish to stay.  It is important that we have ample room to comfortably interact with the children.
4. Provide a smoke-free environment.
5. Please put pets away to avoid accidents or distraction.

Gratuities are at your discretion and not included in the party packages.

* Disclaimer: Please note that it is not our intention to violate any copyright or trademark laws. All of the characters we offer are and NOT to be confused with licensed characters. Our characters are not affiliated with any corporation or trademark and we make no attempt to market them as such.

Copyrights: Please note that are characters are not affiliated with Disney because we are unable to offer copyrighted characters. Our characters come from storybook fables that have been around longer than Disney that are copyrighted. If our characters look similar to popular media characters, this is because companies such as Disney often embellish on the original intended design of a character from these same fairytale. It is important to us to make sure that your child has a realistic looking princess at your party however we cannot offer copyrighted designs of any kind. We can only serve customers who understand that we don't offer copyrighted characters. If you NEED a copyrighted character, please contact the original copy holder.

One of our party Hosts will be  taking photos during the event.  Photos will be used by Once Upon A Dream Tea Parties for promotional purposes only and will not be given out to anyone or any other company that is not part of or, sister company of Once Upon A Dream Tea Parties. Photographs of the event will be emailed to the parent(s) of the birthday child upon request. Copyright laws will be strictly enforced if we find that another company is using our photos to promote their business.  
Outdoor Events:

We all know unpredictable weather can be.  Therefore,  in order to ensure a comfortable and successful event, we ask that you provide a shaded and/or covered area for our entertainers to perform.  Please have a "Plan B" in case it rains and the event needs to be moved indoors.
 Deposits & Payments

1. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to
    reserve your date and time. Deposits can be paid by 
    credit card over the phone.

2. All events are "rain or shine" unless otherwise
     stipulated. The Customer is responsible to
     provide an alternate indoor location in the event of 
     inclement weather.

3. Remaining balance must be paid in full and in cash on
     the day of the event upon arrival of hostess and/or 
4. A 3% fee will be charged if balance is paid by credit 

5. If for any reason, customer needs to cancel the
    event prior to the scheduled date, all advanced
    payments, minus the $50.00 non-refundable
    deposit will be returned to the customer.
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